The VBA – Living the Ultimate SL

11 Feb

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Most people come to Second Life to enjoy the lifestyles and fantasies that are unavailable to them in Real Life.  The Virtual Basketball Association provides several means of living out your ULTIMATE SL for the sports enthusiast.  Whether you have always had the desire to be a sporting franchise team owner, head coach of the best team out there, a superstar ball player or the sexiest cheerleader we have the means to provide you with the opportunity.

Visit the Virtual Basketball Headquarters located on the Alpha Cold Sim to get more information on becoming a team owner, coach, player or cheerleader.  Contact Emerald Ishtari for details.

• Check out our state of the art arena – a one stop shop for your SL needs. We have many stores and ad boards around the court. To rent please contact TOPAZ Collins.

• Check out the Alpha Club – located just to the left of center court and join us for weekly events.

• Visit the Recruitment Center – located in the back to fill out your coaching, playing or cheering application for your favorite team.

• Subscribe! – Click on one of the many subscribe-o-matic boards to stay in the loop of all our events, games and other newsworthy information. No group space needed!

• Bring your family, friends and business associates.

• For marketing opportunities please contact Gladiola Mistwallow.

• For coaching opportunities please contact Kings Valentine.

• To live the ULTIMATE SL and own your very own Virtual Basketball Association team please contact Emerald Ishtari.

Social Networks/Website:
Website –
Facebook – Friend us – Search for Virtual Basketball Association
Twitter – Follow our page – VBA_Basketball


VBA Arena –

VBA Recruiting Center –

Alpha Club at the VBA –


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