The VBA Co-Sponsors Ambrosia LIVE!

15 Mar

Ambrosia LIVE!, SecondLife’s newest and brightest talk show.  The Virtual Basketball Association is happy to announce our support of the Ambrosia LIVE! show.  More information to come – the VBA will be highlighted on an upcoming show.

In the meantime, check out an article on Ambrosia LIVE recently issued in Moolto:


Second Life so often offers the opportunity to individuals to use and hone their RL talents.  This is definitely the case for Ambrosia Kamala.

Ambrosia was no stranger to chat forums and had participated in one prior to arriving in Second Life in 2009.  Not only was she involved in chat forums, but she also was involved with an online Gospel radio talk show on As we all know SL is no ordinary chat forum.  Here we can do so much and all in living colour.

On arriving in Second Life Ambrosia tried her hand at various things from hostessing, a marketing agent through to magazine columnist.  But in September of 2010 she returned to her passion for sharing information.  Prior to her arrival in Second Life, Ambrosia had hosted chat forums revolving around social issues and current events in RL and so getting involved in talk shows in SL was really just a natural progression.

Initially her involvement on the talk shows was behind the scenes as stage manager and co host, but now in conjunction with her fiancé Cobalt Niles, Ambrosia has created a vehicle to explore and enhance the perspective of residents around the grid.  This vehicle takes the form of Monarch Productions, of which Cobalt is the CEO.  Cobolt who himself has been in SL since 2006, brings his business acumen to the grid and fulfils the role of both Executive Producer as well as CEO of Monarch Productions.

The anchor show of Monarch Productions is the Ambrosia LIVE! Talk show which was launched on February 8th 2011.  The show has created a buzz by showcasing businesses, products, information and entertainment in an exciting and engaging setting.  In her inimitable vibrant and elegant style, Ambrosia Kamala is attracting attention from all across the grid.  Even though the show is still brand new it has already won the 2011 Naverre Star Award for excellence in media.

With its positive and professional image, the vivacious and posh, Ambrosia LIVE! is a talk show not to be missed.

Ambrosia LIVE! Talk Show Tues & Thurs @ 5pm slt


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