VBA takes Ambrosia LIVE! by STORM !

1 Apr

Ambrosia Kamala, host of Ambrosia LIVE! interviewed the management staff of the VBA recently – Don Asadar, Emerald Ishtari, TOPAZ Collins, Feelino Paine and Jalisa Erin.  The VBA Dancers did the damn thang! – dancers in the group came from a variety of East/West teams. 

Special thank you to all the VBA family and friends that attended the show – we appreciate your support!

Word is… our show has had the largest attendance… close to 100 on the sim!  Stay tuned… part two will be at the VBA arena… it’s gonna all the way LIVE!

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One Response to “VBA takes Ambrosia LIVE! by STORM !”

  1. Emmie April 6, 2011 at 2:39 pm #

    Word on the SL street is that people couldn’t get in because the grid was full! 100 people for the VBA!!! WTG!!!!

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