Go Knicks.. Handle Them… We Always #1

27 Apr

By:  Tony Morano

Wednesday Mohindi - Owner, VBA Knicks

Being an owner in the VBA is an unique experience to have.  When taking ownership, one has to make sure they are on top of everything that deals with their team.  The owner of the VBA Knicks loves every second of this honor, even the frustrating times.

“If you want the best you have to put your all into it,” said Wednesday Mohindi. “I’m surrounded with a wonderful staff so it’s not bad. I also have to shout out to my General Manager, Mycilia Ruby.”

With that said, the VBA Knicks are trying to create a friendly atmosphere for its players and cheerleaders. Little would you know the roots are a little deeper than expected.

“I was reading my mother’s profile and saw she was involved in VBA and I asked her about becoming a cheerleader,” said Blaque Diamond.

With the mother-daughter connection, the VBA Knicks’ chemistry is one of a kind. When it comes down to basketball, it is all about business.

“Seeing the team come together and working as one puts a smile on my face every time,” said Wednesday Mohindi. “Without the team you are at a loss. I love my team and my cheerleaders.”

The VBA is attracting more daily.

“The VBA is going places and anyone should try to be apart of it before it’s too late,” said Wednesday Mohindi.

The VBA Knicks are more than just a team, but they are a community.  Just like every team in the VBA, it allows people from all over to come together and enjoy the game of basketball.

“For me it has been fun because I have gotten to meet a lot of nice people and go to events and things I never done since being on SL,” said Black Diamond.

No matter what their title is everyone has to work as a team.  Teamwork is key in the VBA.

“We have a great group of women on our cheerleading squad and with everything great comes hard work but we have fun and we love being cheerleaders,” said Blaque Diamond.

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