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VBA Open House Didn’t Disappoint

21 Mar

By: Tony Morano

The party was jumping alright.

If you weren’t in attendance, you did miss something big. Question is, if you weren’t in attendance, what were you doing?

Interested in basketball, and having a good time?

Well, VBA was the place to be on Sunday.

VBA is in its finishing stages and ready to get the season underway. There is a buzz about the league, which was founded for the reason of enjoyment.

“The VBA is first and foremost an opportunity for people to fulfill their basketball aspirations in an open environment,” said Chairman and CEO Don Asadar. “Whether it [is] as an owner, player, manager, or cheerleader, we encourage everyone to pursue their desires to the fullest extent.”

On center court the VBA hosted a party for players who are interested in playing for the league. Dancing was a must, but at the same time you were able to mingle with different people in the league.

“We are fortunate to have a great executive team that all got together to make this possible,” said VP of Development Emerald Ishtari.

The music was festive, with DJ ITALIA that switched up the tunes from time to time. The music kept everyone dancing, but at the same time, it was informative.

At one point, there were over 60 people in attendance.

People kept on dropping by to see what the stir was about. Bottom line, if you were not in attendance, you did miss something fun.

VBA administrators were on hand to answer any questions, as the league is in full gear recruiting to add teams and players.

“I created the VBA as a natural extension of my desire to see people grow and thrive in Second Life,” added Asadar. “My management team is second to none…they are the true reason behind my success…and I am eternally grateful for them.”

Registration will be open until further notice, so if interested, get on board.

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