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VBA Highlighted in SLNewser !

28 May

Emerald Ishtari, Vice President of Development with the VBA was recently interviewed by Bixyl Shuftan of SLNewser, SecondLife’s online newspaper.  Incredible article!  Thank you SLNewser for your support!


VBA on Premier Broadcast of iSE !

27 May
Xavier Ruska, CEO of iSE (Internet Sports Entertainment) conducted an interview with the VBA on the premier radio broadcast of iSports.  Ruska showcased:
-Emerald Ishtari, VP of Development, VBA
-Ruff Zepp, Owner of VBA Rockets and Founder/Designer of Red Dog Gear

The Premiere Show of iSE will be aired daily at 4pm slt.  Inside iSports #2 has been uploaded and will begin airing as a replay at 6pm slt.

iSports is now available on Youtube – check out Emerald and Ruff during the premier broadcast: 

The VBA Partners with SLCS “Sports Expo” !

27 May

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The SLCS Cheerleaders hosted their 2nd Annual Sports Expo from 12pm-9pm SLT at their sim, Cheertopia.  SLCS invited representatives from all SL sports to participate.  Their sim was decorated with sports themed booths.  Turned out to be a great day of exploring, trash-talking, dancing and networking.  We wish anyone involved in an SL sport well and thank the SLCS for allowing the VBA to participate.

The VBA had a booth in addition to 7 individual VBA team booths.  GO HARD.. OR GO HOME!

Here are some photographs that highlight the events that day.

For more info on SLCS –

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The VBA Co-Sponsors Ambrosia LIVE!

15 Mar

Ambrosia LIVE!, SecondLife’s newest and brightest talk show.  The Virtual Basketball Association is happy to announce our support of the Ambrosia LIVE! show.  More information to come – the VBA will be highlighted on an upcoming show.

In the meantime, check out an article on Ambrosia LIVE recently issued in Moolto:


Second Life so often offers the opportunity to individuals to use and hone their RL talents.  This is definitely the case for Ambrosia Kamala.

Ambrosia was no stranger to chat forums and had participated in one prior to arriving in Second Life in 2009.  Not only was she involved in chat forums, but she also was involved with an online Gospel radio talk show on As we all know SL is no ordinary chat forum.  Here we can do so much and all in living colour.

On arriving in Second Life Ambrosia tried her hand at various things from hostessing, a marketing agent through to magazine columnist.  But in September of 2010 she returned to her passion for sharing information.  Prior to her arrival in Second Life, Ambrosia had hosted chat forums revolving around social issues and current events in RL and so getting involved in talk shows in SL was really just a natural progression.

Initially her involvement on the talk shows was behind the scenes as stage manager and co host, but now in conjunction with her fiancé Cobalt Niles, Ambrosia has created a vehicle to explore and enhance the perspective of residents around the grid.  This vehicle takes the form of Monarch Productions, of which Cobalt is the CEO.  Cobolt who himself has been in SL since 2006, brings his business acumen to the grid and fulfils the role of both Executive Producer as well as CEO of Monarch Productions.

The anchor show of Monarch Productions is the Ambrosia LIVE! Talk show which was launched on February 8th 2011.  The show has created a buzz by showcasing businesses, products, information and entertainment in an exciting and engaging setting.  In her inimitable vibrant and elegant style, Ambrosia Kamala is attracting attention from all across the grid.  Even though the show is still brand new it has already won the 2011 Naverre Star Award for excellence in media.

With its positive and professional image, the vivacious and posh, Ambrosia LIVE! is a talk show not to be missed.

Ambrosia LIVE! Talk Show Tues & Thurs @ 5pm slt

The VBA – Living the Ultimate SL

11 Feb

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Most people come to Second Life to enjoy the lifestyles and fantasies that are unavailable to them in Real Life.  The Virtual Basketball Association provides several means of living out your ULTIMATE SL for the sports enthusiast.  Whether you have always had the desire to be a sporting franchise team owner, head coach of the best team out there, a superstar ball player or the sexiest cheerleader we have the means to provide you with the opportunity.

Visit the Virtual Basketball Headquarters located on the Alpha Cold Sim to get more information on becoming a team owner, coach, player or cheerleader.  Contact Emerald Ishtari for details.

• Check out our state of the art arena – a one stop shop for your SL needs. We have many stores and ad boards around the court. To rent please contact TOPAZ Collins.

• Check out the Alpha Club – located just to the left of center court and join us for weekly events.

• Visit the Recruitment Center – located in the back to fill out your coaching, playing or cheering application for your favorite team.

• Subscribe! – Click on one of the many subscribe-o-matic boards to stay in the loop of all our events, games and other newsworthy information. No group space needed!

• Bring your family, friends and business associates.

• For marketing opportunities please contact Gladiola Mistwallow.

• For coaching opportunities please contact Kings Valentine.

• To live the ULTIMATE SL and own your very own Virtual Basketball Association team please contact Emerald Ishtari.

Social Networks/Website:
Website –
Facebook – Friend us – Search for Virtual Basketball Association
Twitter – Follow our page – VBA_Basketball


VBA Arena –

VBA Recruiting Center –

Alpha Club at the VBA –

Announcing the Virtual Basketball Association!

11 Feb

Gladiola Mistwallow, VP, Marketing
Virtual Basketball Association

Visit the VBA –

Alpha Cold Arena - Home of the VBA

Alpha Cold Arena, December 15, 2010 – Don Asadar, Chairman and Commissioner of the Virtual Basketball Assocation (VBA) announces its debut to the Second Life community.  The VBA is the premier basketball league in Second Life consisting of 30 teams mirroring the rl league.

Games inworld and outworld and with NBA Live 08 will be played like a realistic game of basketball using a full court – complete with animations for the participants – shooting, slam dunking, dribbling and even stealing the ball from opponents.  All scores for games played will be tracked and you will be able to review progress using the VBA website (, ultimately leading the East and West Conferences to the Championship at the Alpha Cold Arena!

The VBA wants you!  We’re currently looking to fill roles in team management, Players and Cheerleaders.  Now is your chance to play for the team of your dreams.  Visit the VBA Recruiting Center on the Alpha Cold Arena to pick up an application or speak with Kings Valentine, VP, Technology for more information.

Interested in owning a franchise team?  Speak with Emerald Ishtari, VP of Development or Don Asadar directly for more information.

The VBA audience is vast within and outside of the virtual community – promising to be the most recognized sports league in Second Life.  We offer a variety of outlets to reach our fans, VBA Magazine, Alpha Cold Arena Mall, Alpha league club, broadcasts inworld, radio, special events and interactive advertising.  Interested in a store in the Alpha Cold Arena?  Speak with TOPAZ Collins, VP of Sim Operations for more information.

Interested in reaching out to our fan base by advertising your business?  Interested in co-sponsoring a VBA event?  Speak with Gladiola Mistwallow , VP of Marketing for more information.
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