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Yes… They Are Superstars!

20 May

The VBA Spurs Dancers… The Superstars… invited me over to check out their practice.  All I can say is… look out ya’ll…. they got the look, they got the moves… AND… they get to wear chaps and spurs….!  So I know they’re ready for the season!  WATCH OUT!

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VBA Lady Bulls !

18 Mar

I had the opportunity to catch a few of the VBA Lady Bulls practicing their routine.  Lemme just say they have me thinking about hanging up my Marketing hat and becoming a Dancer!  These Ladies are SERIOUS… HOT… PROFESSIONAL and they DOIN’ THE DAMN THANG! 

Don’t forget our Open House this Sunday.. maybe I can encourage them to do a lil summin summin.  OK, where are all the other cheerleaders at?  Ya’ll betta represent!  Hit me up! 

… that’s all Gladi wrote

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