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26 Apr

Wednesday, April 27 – 8:00pm SLT

Location:  Mohindi Square Gardens (MSG) – Knicks Arena

Let’s see who GOES HARD… OR GOES HOME!  All guests to the sim will be asked to reduce their ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost) to no higher than 500.  How do you check your ARC?


DJ B Smooth at the Alpha Club!

23 Apr

It’s been awhile… but he’s back!  DJ B Smooth…. spinning the hottest in old school, R&B and hip hop…. he just loves diggin through the crates and dustin off a few too!

We had an impromptu set at the Alpha Club tonight… teams stopped by and represented!  LAKERS…. CELTICS…. SUNS… WARRIORS…. SPURS… and even the Executive Producer of Ambrosia LIVE! was in the CLUB!  There’s was all kind of talk about bleedin and such… if you don’t get what I’m talking about, then you need to be there next time when you see a notice from me… wink!

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“Grudge Match” – VBA Knicks vs. Bulls

25 Mar

Wednesday, March 30th at 6:00pm slt at the Alpha Cold Sim – home of the Virtual Basketball Association

Commentator and Musical Director – DJ Italia… the Official Radio Station of the VBA!

12 Feb

Radio Stream – R&B, Urban and Hip Hop

Live Streamed Games

11 Feb

Wednesday, January 26 – 6:00pm slt
East vs. West Conference – All-Star Game . Live Streamed Game
Pre-Game Jam at 5pm slt – Music provided by DaMayor – DJ Rickie Blaisdale of

East Conference WON!

Score:  102-100


Wednesday, December 29 – 7:00pm slt
East vs. West Conference – All-Star Game . Live Streamed Game
Pre-Game Jam at 5pm slt – Music provided by DJ BLK (BlkBeard Sabretooth)

Knicks WON!


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