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VBA Pre-Season Power Ranking – Season 2

16 Apr

Rnk#    Pre-Season Power Ranking

1                         VBA Bulls

2                        VBA Spurs

3                        VBA Celtics

4                        VBA Lakers

5                        VBA Heat

6                        VBA Rockets

7                       VBA Knicks

8                       VBA Hornets



14 May

On behalf of The VBA Heat & PushingTheBoxx , I am happy to announce a donation in the amount of $71.00 was made to The TJMS Storm Relief Fund. Without all your support we would not have been able to help the people of Alabama in their time of need. We collected 17,677,00 Lindens and that was converted to USD.

Again a Heartfelt Thank You !

Kash Huntress Appletor, General Manager, VBA Heat

Please spread this wondeful news !

Let the games begin

6 Apr

By: Tony Morano

Walking into the Warrior Dome, you couldn’t help buy notice DJ World Premiere (aka Notorious Foxdale) doing pushups.

King Notorious

While everyone is getting ready for the much anticipated grudge match tonight, DJ World Premiere started his workout early. He puts in extra daily, and you can just see the dedication around him each time he steps on the floor.

“I practice everyday for five hours a day,” he said.

DJ is one of the many people that are working hard to make a name for themselves in the VBA.

The owner of the Warriors is even excited to get the show on the road.

“I am very excited because I see my team being very competitive,” said Matty Bhalti, owner of the VBA Warriors. “Just by watching my team come here and practice for a bit I see they have team spirit.”

With only four players and six cheerleaders, the Warriors are looking to boast their lineup a little more. Time is still remaining to join the team, as DJ looks to add some teammates to the roster so that the Warriors can showcase their stuff.

He would like to add some players to practice with him.

And yes, we’re talking about practice, not a game.

“I practice so much because I love my team,” said DJ.  “Practicing everyday shows that I’m here for them and that I’m dedicated. It is also beneficial to me.”

Looking forward to tonight’s matchup against the VBA Heat is DJ and many others. Slated to start at 8:00 slt time at the VBA Warriors sim, in front of the stadium – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Nepthalie/128/128/2.

DJ and many others will be on the court. He didn’t stop to mention that he feels pretty confident for tonight’s match up.

“I feel pretty confident because of all the hard work I put in on the court and in the weight room.”

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