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VBA Lakers 71 vs. VBA Rockets 67

26 Apr

Here’s the low down on the VBA game held on April 25th, the VBA Lakers was led by Jermaine and his high scoring of 67 points and defeated the VBA Rockets in a close nail-biting game. 71-67… Great Job by both teams!


Kings Valentine

VBA Vice President, Technology


VBA Pre-Season Power Ranking – Season 2

16 Apr

Rnk#    Pre-Season Power Ranking

1                         VBA Bulls

2                        VBA Spurs

3                        VBA Celtics

4                        VBA Lakers

5                        VBA Heat

6                        VBA Rockets

7                       VBA Knicks

8                       VBA Hornets

:::::: VBA PRESS RELEASE :::::::

27 May
Monday, May 23, 2011Just in time before the VBA Training Camp starts, the announcement by Cosmik Dust’s VBA Suns for a trade was made. The trade highlights a swap centering on Power Forward Sammuel “King” Banx and Young Footpad.

As an addition to the VBA Suns, since he’s considered one of the best power forwards, Banx is a great asset. Because of his value, the VBA Suns had to part with starting lineup center Young Footpad. Footpad looks forward to doing great things with the VBA Lakers.

                                                                                  # # #


26 Apr

Wednesday, April 27 – 8:00pm SLT

Location:  Mohindi Square Gardens (MSG) – Knicks Arena


Let’s see who GOES HARD… OR GOES HOME!  All guests to the sim will be asked to reduce their ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost) to no higher than 500.  How do you check your ARC?  http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Avatar_Rendering_Cost

DJ B Smooth at the Alpha Club!

23 Apr

It’s been awhile… but he’s back!  DJ B Smooth…. spinning the hottest in old school, R&B and hip hop…. he just loves diggin through the crates and dustin off a few too!

We had an impromptu set at the Alpha Club tonight… teams stopped by and represented!  LAKERS…. CELTICS…. SUNS… WARRIORS…. SPURS… and even the Executive Producer of Ambrosia LIVE! was in the CLUB!  There’s was all kind of talk about bleedin and such… if you don’t get what I’m talking about, then you need to be there next time when you see a notice from me… wink!

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